Tailor-Made Software

We offer development of individual software solutions to fit specific requirements in data analysis which are not covered by the Cepel Modules. We provide

  • extension and modification of Cepel Modules, e.g. specialized user interfaces or specific visualization modes
  • complete integration of our technology into existing software platforms like SAP, SCADA/MES, Excel, via SQL/MDX, .NET, web services or GWT
  • highly specialized stand-alone solutions employing the Cepel technology to provide decision-relevant information (investment recommendations, optimal maintenance dates, highest NPV)
  • support for development of third-party solutions incorporating Cepel technology. For that purpose we offer licenses of Cepel Core, our multi-plattform, high-performance library.
  • support for usage and administration of our software products

Consulting Services

For specialized and complex data analysis problems we offer individual Consulting Services. Our experts provide:

  • Initial assessment of potential for data analysis in your business
  • On-site service covering breakdown of data pools, optimization and evaluation of processes
  • Training in probabilistic data analysis

External Services

Our experts focus on data analysis, visualization, software development and research. If you require additional, related services we can incorporate one of our partners in the following areas

  • consulting for databases, business intelligence applications and other specialized software
  • integration of heterogenous data sets
  • selection and visualization of aggregated data, e.g. pivot tables, pie charts or radar charts
  • data acquisition, sensor technology
  • server hardware, network technology
  • classical statistical methods, e.g. chi-square test, ANOVA or Asymptotic efficiency